Eliisa Kylkilahti, Centre for Consumer Research, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 5 weeks spring 2018, read about the visit from here

Jaana Korhonen, US Forest service, 3-4/2018, 2 months, read about the visit from here

Mirja Mikkilä, Delft Technical University, Netherlands, read about the visit from here (Only in Finnish)


Anne Toppinen, 1 month, spring 2018, Institute of System Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability, Karl Franzen University, Graz, Austria.

Tiia-Lotta Pekkanen, 1 month, spring 2017, KTH Stockholm.

Alex Giurca, 1 month, spring 2017, from University of Freiburg to University of Helsinki. Read about Alex’s thoughts about his visit and about bioeconomy in general from his blog.