ORBIT project orchestrates end-user driven systemic development and growth of sustainable and diversified bioeconomy with the research agenda organized under four WPs: 1) Grand societal challenges and related policy drivers, 2) Changing consumer behavior and consumer-driven business models, 3) Bioeconomy industry transition and business networks, 4) Orchestrating user-driven future of sustainable forest bioeconomy. From the Finnish perspective, our core focus is placed on the forests, but with sectoral boundaries blurring via policy drivers, market substitution and new forms of competition and co-operation across industries, our results have wider relevance to future of (bio)economy. Consortium brings together expertise from forest sciences, environmental economics, consumer science, sustainability management, strategy research and futures studies, a necessity to build understanding on future pathways in bioeconomy.



University of Helsinki, Lappeenranta University of Technology


1 January 2017 – 31 December 2020