International mobility: North Carolina

ORBIT-post doc Jaana Korhonen spent two months at the U.S. Forest Service in southern forest research center in Durham, in North Carolina, USA. Read a summary report of her visit:

I visited U.S Forest Service for March and April 2018. U.S. Forest service is a governmental agency and a part of the US department of agriculture (USDA). Read here more about the agency.

I was hosted by dr. Jeffrey Prestemon, who is the group leader of the policy and economics department, but had a pleasure to meet and engage in interesting research with other U.S. Forest Service and North Carolina State University forest economists and economists.

The main focuses of the visit in a nutshell:

  1. I worked on analysis on modelling the price behavior of virgin pulp and recycled paper prices. Recycled and virgin pulp are not full substitutes for each other, but understanding the price behavior with respect to each other has increasing relevance due to the development of a circular bioeconomy. The simultaneous assessment of these prices, and policy impulse response analysis will help to understand the interference of these products. The study is supposed to come out during this year, and the preliminary results I get to present in China at the World Natural Resource Modelling conference next week.
  2. I participated in the analysis of understanding the impact of integration of forest plantations and planted forests on the global forest product model. The model is used for forecasting how the markets, consumption, production, demand and supply of raw material will respond to policy changes under different Shared Socio-economic Pathways (See e.g. an overview poster by Riahi et al. for a reference). Furthermore, I helped to figure out whether or not the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) applies if we look into the how the different types of forests have developed globally. EKC suggests that as country increases its economic well-being, environmental quality first deteriorates but after a certain threshold, it starts improving again. There are a several articles underway, so stay tuned.
  3. I also had an opportunity to give a couple of lectures at the Appalachian State University, in Boone, NC, about Finnish culture and business, for  international business students who were very eager to learn about my exotic home country on the other side of the World. I was invited by professor Rajat Panwar who serves as an Associate professor of sustainable business management at the department of Management.

North Carolina is one of the southern states and located on the east coast somewhere in between New York City and Florida. While it is a conservative state and located in the bible belt, it’s diversity in terms of people and nature is fascinating, and the southern culture is famous for its hospitality. The top3 North Carolina experiences beyond high-quality research and education:

1. People: Big colorful smiles and friendly atmosphere 2. Nature: mountains, beach, blooming trees, climate in general 3. Food: fresh local veggies, fruits and seafood, mexican food, sushi, and local brews….







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