Competition: Wooden Kivistö – upcoming WMC quarters in the city of Vantaa aim to contribute to their ambitious carbon neutrality targets

The city of Vantaa calls for planning offers of the new WMC quarters in the Kivistö area. To launch the competition of the building lots the city organized an introductory seminar about WMCs on January 31st. Several actors shared their views and experiences. Vantaa aims to be one of the forerunners in carbon neutrality in Finland. The city has set its’ target year to be 2030, while the nationwide target year is 2045. For example, city of Helsinki aims for the year 2035. These targets require a change of viewpoint: life-cycle approach is applied in construction projects increasingly. Adding wood-based building projects is considered as one of the main means to achieve the target. Also, the city of Vantaa aims to include new actors in the field and thus influence the possibilities of wood to become established among dominant construction materials.

For more information, see (only in Finnish)


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